Register a Trademark To Protect Your Brand and Reputation

Your brand is your reputation and it is vital that you protect it in a competitive marketplace. A trademark is an important business asset that helps you get and keep customers and reinforce a distinctive brand that people trust and with a quality product or service.

Registering a trademark is also a sensible way of protecting the reputation of your business and from other people using the same or similar trademark in relation to the same or similar goods and/or services in which your trademark is registered (whether they copy your mark or create a similar one independently). Trademark registration lasts for ten years and is renewable every ten years thereafter for an indefinite period.

Having a memorable and well managed trademark is a powerful way to distinguish your business products and services from your competitors. A lot of money and time goes in to building a strong brand so you do not want a competitor to benefit from your reputation or indeed unknowingly infringe on someone else’s trademark yourself.

You do not have to register your trademark to use it if a dispute arises in relation to a registered trademark this will be less expensive to resolve, than for the owner of an unregistered trademark in the common law action of ‘passing off’ which is more difficult and expensive to prove. Both the Police and Trading Standards have the ability to prosecute those who misuse registered trademarks and infringement can result in a considerable fine or imprisonment.

In the case of domain names, although a registered trademark does not entitle the owner the right to register the name, they are more likely to be granted rightful ownership of the domain name in the event of a domain dispute.  This also applies with social media named profiles, e.g. a Facebook business page. This is especially important as failure to protect your trademark on social networking sites might allow someone unconnected with your business to use your trading name as part of their profile.

Intellectual Property law and Trademark law in particular is very complex so it is advisable to seek specialist IP advice before proceeding. Contact our highly specialist special property lawyers today to obtain professional advice on protecting the design of your product to maximise this cost effective and efficient form of intellectual property rights.

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