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What is Intellectual Property?
Every business has a trading name (a trade mark) and often a product (sometimes a patentable process or invention) that may have a unique look (registered design) or is capable of copyright protection. These are all ‘Intellectual Property’ or ‘IP’. They are the identifiable non-monetary assets that result from original creative thought.

Intellectual Property plays an integral part in creating the value attributed to most businesses and yet many businesses are totally unaware of just how important their Intellectual Property rights can be. Successful product creation and distribution are fundamental to any business strategy and neither process is possible without intellectual property rights. The ability to generate and safeguard intellectual property value is crucial for organisations worldwide.

Whatever your business, be it something creative like design, photography or writing, or more technology based such as software development, web hosting or e-commerce we can help you identify and value your Intellectual Property so that you reap the rewards of the investment you have made in it.

The four main types of Intellectual Property are:

Copyright protects written or recorded material such as literature, documents, art, photographs, sculpture and three-dimensional works, music and sound recordings, films and broadcasts, databases.


Design Rights
Design rights protect the visual appearance or eye appeal of products and can be used to stop others from copying your designs.


Patents protect the technical and functional aspects of products and processes and can now be obtained for software products.

Trade Marks
Trade Marks protect names and signs that can distinguish the goods and services of one trader from those of another.

However, Intellectual Property also covers know-how (trade secrets), confidential information, database rights, privacy laws, geographical indications, performers’ rights and so on. Often, more than one type of Intellectual Property may apply to the same creation.

How our UK Intellectual Property Services can help you
Our IP Solicitors offer a number of legal services to help you protect and exploit your Intellectual Property Rights:

  • The management and identification of your Intellectual Property Rights
  • Brand management
  • Enforcing your intellectual property against any infringement
  • Assistance in drafting and negotiating your intellectual property contracts
  • The use of franchises and licenses to exploiting your Intellectual Property
  • Trade marks filing

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